Soul Food Sundays: walking, workshops, wellbeing

Taking expressions of interest now for Summer 2018  

If you regularly find yourself running around taking on too much (despite your best intentions) here’s your chance to take a new path in 2018, and make space for the good stuff you’ve been putting off too long.

Join Soul Food Sundays, a gentle program of walks, restorative yoga, meditation, creative journaling, nourishing food, coaching and kahuna massage.

The sunshine and warmth of late summer is the perfect time to reconnect to nature and invoke a joy for living. So get out there and get the glow!

Like anything in your busy life if you don’t schedule it it won’t happen.

Your Soul Food Summer retreat is designed to take care of all that, by providing a flexible supportive program to help you achieve greater wellbeing in your life–whatever that means to you. All in the company of other wise and wonderful women.

This is your chance to connect to the things that matter most (but you somehow never find time to do).


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As part of Soul Food Sundays you will:

  • Enjoy weekly walks in Canberra’s stunning local nature parks and reawaken your imagination and intuition. Transform your inner dialogue through gentle exercise, quiet contemplation and immersion in your local environment.
  • Explore the benefits of walking in nature, creative journaling, and mindfulness meditation and learn how to establish a lasting and sustainable practice that you’ll love (and won’t want to go without!)
  • Support your body with restorative yoga, delicious, nutritious food and loads of health and wellbeing tips (and make your own delicious face mask).
  • Find your connection to country, seeing your local environment with fresh eyes, learning about Canberras indigenous heritage and local bush foods with experienced Ngunawal guides.
  • Share stories with other mums, sisters, daughters like you. Gather insights, tools, resources, recipes and tips. These will be compiled into a small Soul Food wellbeing resource for you to take away.
  • Make an ‘Undo list’ (‘things I will no longer waste time on’), and replace it with your 33 ways to Stay Soulful source list (magical things to spend regular time on) and create your own Wellbeing Manifesto (a written declaration of your values and all the juicy things that matter most to you for a rewarding life).
  • Find your own magical rhythm alongside a supportive group and learn to free mind and body from everyday tensions.
  • Experience 3 individually tailored coaching sessions exploring one or more aspects of health and wellbeing; mental, physical, or spiritual. (FULL PROGRAM)
  • Uncover your motivations, barriers and beliefs – the core habits for attaining and maintaining the health and vitality you desire. (FULL PROGRAM)
  • Luxuriate in a deeply healing kahuna massage treatment: one-and-a-half hours of soft and deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, and Tibetan singing bowls by candlelight. (FULL PROGRAM)

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Flexible and fun:

In keeping with its intention to nurture and nourish, Soul Food Sundays is designed to be a flexible program that fits in with your lifestyle and needs. The program runs for 7 weeks through March and April and consists of two enriching workshops and weekly walks – with the option of three coaching sessions, and a kahuna massage treatment for those wanting the full transformation and package.

Attend the first walk workshop 12 March, and then book in for your 3  coaching sessions and massage anytime in before the final workshop on 23 April.  Or choose the walks and workshops only option if you prefer.

  • Walking to Wellbeing – Wake up workshop (5 hours):
  • Autumn Harvest – What next workshop (5 hours):
  • Weekly walks: Sunday mornings at 9.30 am over five weeks:  (repeated early morning on Wednesdays of the same week for those interested and/or unavailable on the Sundays)
  • Kahuna massage: 1 x (1.5) hour treatment: book for your preferred time
  • Coaching sessions: 3 x (1.5 hour) sessions: book for your preferred times.

Total time investment: Approximately 20 hours of face to face time (plus additional 6 hours if you choose coaching & massage) NOTE: If you can’t make certain dates please get in touch – there may be some flexibility depending on group needs.


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At the heart of your summer Soul Food retreat:

weekly walks in local nature parks: Walking is one of the most simple and powerful ways to restore health and vitality to the mind and body.  As part of weekly 1-2 hour walks we will share various practices to still inner chatter, expand awareness, and connect to self and others.  As well as stress relief, toned muscles, and improved fitness, you’ll learn how walking can help you tap into your intuition gaining access to new ideas, solutions and perspectives. Group walks are a particularly potent way of developing inner wisdom. The program is aimed to help you establish the rhythm of walking in your life and fall in love with your local landscape (you won’t want to go without it!)

2 shared workshops: You will enjoy delicious morning and afternoon treats and lunch, hearty discussion, and the opportunity to explore wellbeing as a group (how to have more of it!). Activities will include developing an ‘Undo list”, and your very own Wellbeing Manifesto. You’ll relax mind and body with restorative yoga poses, breathing and mindfulness practices you can do at home. There will be plenty of opportunities to identify challenges and brainstorm solutions. At the end of the second workshop you’ll take away a SOUL FOOD SUNDAYS resource list filled with real life hacks, tools, recipes and inspiration to incorporate into your daily routine.

3 transformational coaching sessions: This is your one-on-one, tailored support to focus in on your health and wellbeing  goals that will get you to the heart of living well. I take you through a personal breakthrough session to eliminate beliefs, behaviours and habits that no longer serve you and embrace new strategies that will move you forward on your desired outcome. Whether you want to learn to live in the moment, develop a yoga, walking or mediation practice, change jobs, or take up creative pursuits to create more life balance, you’ll be equipped with the mindset, beliefs, and values to create your own personal recipe for success.

1 deeply relaxing kahuna massage: You will experience deep relaxation with a uniquely healing Hawaiian massage treatment designed to nurture body, mind and soul. Combining soft and deep tissue work and long flowing strokes, this special form of bodywork helps to reconnect you to your body, gently releasing physical and emotional blocks and stimulating natural endorphins and detoxification. The addition of Tibetan singing bowls, aromatherapy, wrapping and draping all carried out by candlelight will allow you to drift away, restoring a sense of lightness and vitality to the body.



Supta Baddha Konasana5

Soul Food workshop, walking and wellbeing package:

Full package (Includes 2 workshops, 3 coaching sessions, weekly guided walks (10 total) 1 kahuna massage treatment, abundant wellbeing resources with email and phone support to keep you on track)

$990 (or 3 monthly instalments)

Workshops and walks only (includes weekly recipes wellbeing tips):

$445 (or 2 monthly instalments)

The program is value packed so get in quick- places are limited to a small group (no more than 10)


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What should I expect?

Expect to slow town, experience joy, connection, and surprising insights; expect to tune in to nature and turn off technology; expect to learn and laugh; and undergo subtle and profound changes. Expect to make lasting connections with other wise and wonderful women. Expect greater wellbeing and to achieve a longstanding goal.

(HINT: It’ll be nothing like a boot camp!)


But what if I don’t have enough time/money/ energy?

If you find yourself repeatedly falling back on the same old excuses of not enough time, money or energy to do the things you love, then this is definitely the program for you. As you’re probably already noticing, the longer you go without self-care, the more depleted you become. And the less you have less to offer, both at work, and with your loved ones, family and friends. Which of course means you’re not serving anyone!

So if you’d like to stop putting off living a healthy and balanced life, then now is the perfect time. Finally you get to work out what wellbeing looks like for you and put it into practice. You may be surprised at how a few clever (but simple) changes make all the difference!

Special rates when you come with / refer a friend. Discounted fee if you’re on a low wage.


How do I register my interest / sign up?

Send and email to with SOUL FOOD SUNDAYS in the title as soon as possible.

I will follow up with a phone call where you can ask any questions and get started on your wellbeing goals.

This is a small intimate program with a maximum of 10 spots available so get in quick!

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